Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Gabriel's chattering

It's been so fun and fascinating to watch Gabriel's language develop. Since we haven't been able to see that with Micah, it's been really interesting with Gabriel...just amazing how much he picks up from people talking, TV, and from other kids. He's pretty much speaking in complete sentences and even starting to ask questions like "What are you doing, Momma?" or "What are you making?"

We have a rosebush in front of our house right beside the garage. For a couple of weeks he wanted to stop and smell them every time we got into or out of the car. And he would want me to stop and smell them too. He said they smell like strawberries and for a couple of days he

was calling them strawberry roses. The other day I was making chocolate chip cookies and he said "What's that?"

I said "It's flour."

"Like the roses, Momma?"

"No, it's a different kind of flour."

He has picked things up from TV that I have heard him say out of the blue: "like a good neighbor... (State Farm...)", "ABCnews.com", and last week in Wal-Mart I happened to pass the yogurt section and commented about Activia and he started singing very loudly "Activia!!!" over and over. A while back we were at the Fort Smith Museum of History and there were pictures of the presidential inauguration and he pointed and said "Obama!"

He is already starting to tell us things that Micah wants or doesn't want which sometimes is good and not so good at other times. He also knows what all the traffic lights mean. He will ask "What red light means, Momma? What green light means? What yellow light means?" He knows the answers and if I happen to turn right on red, he notices and will say "Momma, you're supposed to stop!"

I could've included more, but that's a good start for now. You never know what that boy will say!

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Anonymous said...

Yes! Another Democrat in the family ;)...can't wait to hear him chatter when I see him this summer. Even hearing him on the phone a bit it was amazing to hear how much he was talking. xoxox