Sunday, December 21, 2008

O, Pitiful Christmas Tree

The Sad Christmas Tree
Cow Elvis Ornament

The Christmas Tree guard

The Culprit

Do you notice anything about our tree? It's only decorated with ornaments one-third of the way down. That's because Micah has taken all of the ornaments off that he can reach one by one. We didn't even bother to put them back because we knew he would just take them off. He's also been fascinated with the lights and had grabbed at some, which is why some of them are hanging low. It's a real tree and he has had a great time batting at it, knocking an abundance of pine needles on the floor. So, I had an idea early on that I would scoot Gabriel's little toy farm pad that he lays on close to the tree. I said "Hey Wayne, who needs a gate when we have Gabriel?" You know, since Micah doesn't want to come to close to him. I know, it's kind of mean, but it works when Gabriel is out in the living room.
I got the cow/Elvis ornament last fall (2007). I went to Boston to meet up with four of my dearest friends ever from GGBTS. It was quite a memorable trip and so much fun to be with all of them again. When we were all at Golden Gate, we used to do an ornament exchange among the four of us, and at times I think one or two other gals participated. So when we got together last year we decided to do it again. My friend Amy, who lived in Boston at the time gave me a neat ornament from Boston's North End. When we went to Maine the next day, she found the Cow Elvis ornament and couldn't resist getting it for me (since she knew my love of cows and Elvis) even though she had already given me one.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Great news!

We're teaching him how to drive early.

Don't you just love to watch a sleeping baby?

First cereal feeding a few weeks ago. He wasn't sure about it or what to do with it at first.

Most of you know that we have been waiting for Micah to be approved for a branch of Medicaid that is not based on income, but only on the child’s disability. We applied in August and have been waiting to hear since then. We were hoping for this to be able to get him into a Medical program here called Kids First through University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences; it’s sort of like a medical preschool which involves a school curriculum and any therapy that a child needs (Physical, Occupational, Speech). It’s an all day Mon-Fri program. He has been in a two hour per day M-Th program at an elementary school here. It has been good, but not enough time for him to get the therapy and individual attention he needs.

I am so excited and thankful to God to let you know Micah was approved last week! Honestly, I wasn't expecting it to be this soon because I met with Micah's case worker back in September and she told me it might be three to six more months from then! So, we are now in the process with Kids First and it is very likely he will start in early January provided all the necessary paperwork gets processed in a timely manner. It’s a very expensive school since it is considered a medical clinic, but it will be paid for with this type of Medicaid!

I’m so glad for this opportunity for Micah. I know it will be a great environment for him and one in which he can learn and hopefully progress in speech in particular. He still has no words. I want so much to be able to hear him speak and be able to communicate even a little bit with us. We were at church last night for the Christmas program. The children’s choir had a couple of opening songs. I got a little choked up just thinking about Micah and wondering if he’ll ever be able to sing or even speak.

He still has not made huge strides in adjusting to Gabriel. He actually smiled at him twice last week because Gabriel was watching him and smiling. Sometimes Micah doesn’t seem to be bothered by him (though he still won’t come within 2 feet of him), and other times he will immediately go back to his room and close the door if Gabriel is out in the living room with me.

Micah has had a few seizures since we’ve moved here and two as recent as this past weekend. They are different than what he had as a baby until he was two. They seem to be pretty mild, but still something we are going to be watching. He has seen one neurologist at Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock and will probably be seeing another one early next year.

Monday, December 08, 2008


5 Months Old!

My mom with Benjamin


Gary with Benjamin and Harrison

It was the first time in 9 years that I spent Thanksgiving with my family! We went to my parents house in northeast Arkansas. Kim and Thomas and their two boys came up from Texas. My brother Gary lives in the area as does his 18 year old son, Zach. I can’t believe my first nephew is 18! He is a senior this year. I didn’t get pictures of Kim, Thomas, or Zach, but I will have some after the new year.

We had a good visit and great food that my Mom cooked. All of us had a little part in preparing the meal, but Mom always does the majority of it and she is a great cook.

We also celebrated Mom’s 60th birthday, that’s right she’s still young! She was a young Mom of 3 by the time she was 22! It was so nice to be with family for Thanksgiving and next year, Wayne’s family will have their turn. We will get to see them in just 2 weeks!

Harrison and Benjamin had so much fun with Gabriel. I wish I had gotten a video of Harrison dancing for Gabriel and making him laugh. I'm sure there will be more opportunities when we see them in a few weeks!