Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Great News

Yesterday my sister had an appointment in Houston to follow up on an earlier visit from last month.  During a mammogram they had found a mass that was concerning, she had an ultrasound a week later, then they scheduled her for a biopsy for yesterday.  They sent her through the MRI machine five times attempting to look at the area.  A doctor was sent down to explain to her that they could no longer find a mass to do a biopsy on!   I am so thankful to God for this news!  Kim has been through so much in the last 8 years.  Most of you know she has been living with a brain tumor which has caused her a host of medical problems because of where it is located.  She lost all but 10% of her eyesight in one eye, she has had seizures, and was without driving privileges for four years because of that. Her quality of life was really not great for at least four or five years after her tumor diagnosis. So much has improved in the last few years in her life.  She has been able to get her driving privileges back, her seizures have decreased, and she has even been able to pursue some things she is interested in.  I know she has been able to enjoy her husband and two precious boys more.

Kim and I are considered high risk where breast cancer is concerned.  Our mom is a 15 year survivor...woo hoo!  Our paternal grandmother died of it and we had a paternal aunt who had it.  So, we both started the screening process years ago and it is always lingering there in our minds. 

I am so thankful that Kim was spared of more medical issues at this time!  She means the world to me and our whole family!

Friday, February 03, 2012

Breathing easy

I was washing dishes the other afternoon and heard Micah giggling in the living room.  I didn't think anything about, just thought he had found a toy that was particularly amusing so I didn't go and check on him until I finished the dishes.  I should've checked.  I walked in the room to find him smearing vapor rub all over his clothes, hair, the floor, etc.  I found some on the recliner and a space on the arm of the couch.  Wow.  It was everywhere.  He was having a great time with that.  In the past he hasn't been able to unscrew a lid, but I guess he has learned that recently.  Needless to say, the smell has lingered and all I have to do if I'm stopped up is turn my head and face to the upper left side of the recliner and breathe deeply.