Monday, February 25, 2008

Another Womack Boy!

We’re having another boy!!! So many people have asked if I wanted a girl, and sure, it would be neat to have a girl. I know my parents were sort of hoping for a granddaughter since they have FOUR grandsons already and will now have a fifth! However, I got teary eyed as I heard the news on the phone that it is definitely a boy. I think it will be great for Micah to have a little brother, and great for the new one to have Micah.

Other great news is that everything with the baby is normal thus far. I had a procedure done in late January to test the baby for any chromosome abnormalities. None were found whatsoever and there are 46 chromosomes like there are supposed to be. The baby was also tested for tuberous sclerosis (the neurological disorder that Micah has) and we just found out at the end of last week that he does NOT have that either! I honestly wasn’t worried much about it as I knew the chance was small (one percent-the same as anyone else). Of course at all this news, I breathed a sigh of relief and praised God.

I am now in my 21st week and the baby is doing well. I had the major sonogram last week and all his organs and everything looks great. I feel him move a lot, but it was so amazing to actually see him move around during that.

As for Micah, we tell him all the time that he’s going to be a big brother, but he doesn’t understand. He probably won’t understand until he’s here and then he will wonder what just invaded our home! He’s making lots of new sounds and will sometimes imitate sounds we make if we prompt him. He is understanding more words and phrases and we pray this happens more frequently in the months to come. One of the most frustrating things is not being able to communicate with him, especially when he’s upset. It’s always a guessing game.
Some of his favorite things right now are peek-a-boo ( he knows how to do it himself now), baths (he gets so excited that he beats on the bathroom door wanting in while we are filling the tub, and he loves open spaces outside. We don’t have a lot of space outside our apartment, so when we go somewhere with a lot of open, grassy space he runs around and squeals until he wears himself out.