Wednesday, April 01, 2009

9 month photo shoot

It’s hard to believe that Gabriel turned 9 months old on Sunday! I found this denim shirt that was Micah’s and decided to dress him in it. I couldn’t resist a quick photo shoot. The brown recliner makes a nice background. He is getting so animated. He chuckles easily and is quick to get mad when we take something away that he wants to have or chew on that he shouldn’t. He has 5 teeth with a 6th on it’s way soon. He is crawling but hasn’t quite mastered it. He does the “army crawl” a lot and sometimes will make a few crawling motions only to lunge at something and then flop down on his belly. It’s so cute. He is moving all over the place and has discovered some of the electronics and the Cds. He managed to get one open that was a little loose in the case and started to chew on it. That's not so cute.