Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hanging out in cabinets

All of these photos were taken at the old place. Gabriel loves to climb in and out of any empty space.

All He Wants for Christmas...

... his two front teeth! Yes, Micah recently lost both front teeth on the top. He has already lost the two on the bottom this past summer and the permanent ones have started coming in. One of his favorite thing to do these days is look at himself in the mirror. I'm not sure if it's because of his missing teeth or if he just enjoys looking at himself.

Micah's appt.

We went to Arkansas Children's Hospital last week for Micah's bi-annual appt. with the pediatric neurologist. It was the best appt. we've had there so far. Usually we have to wait for a ridiculous amount of time before we get back to the exam room, then it's another long wait until we see the doctor. This time, we only waited for 5-10 minutes before they called us back and from that point, we waited about 30 minutes. So, it wasn't bad at all. Micah did well with Gabriel roaming around in the small exam room while we waited and he was fine with the doctor. Thank God for a low stress appointment! We saw a different doctor than previous visits and we REALLY liked him. He took his time with us and explored a few options in terms of new medications to try, which is different than the previous Drs. we've seen there. Micah has still been having about 3-4 seizures (maybe more, it's hard to tell) a week, so the Dr. wanted to add another anti-seizure med in addition to the one he's been on for quite some time.

We just started the new med this week and are just starting out with a very small dose and will slowly increase that over the next few weeks. Aggressive behavior and irritablity are a couple of the potential side effects, so we are praying those won't happen. He was awake at 3:15 this morning and did not go back to sleep, so we are hoping it was just one of those rare, strange nights that happen about once a month and that it's not because of the new med. One of the potential side effects is drowsiness, but as we've seen with one previous med, sometimes the opposite can happen.

We've actually had a little breakthrough moment between Micah and Gabriel. One night last week, Micah wanted Gabriel to chase him through the house (they weren't really running, just a fast walk) and it was very obvious because he would look back to see if Gabe was coming and would just giggle while Gabriel giggled too. This went on for about ten minutes as Wayne and I just watched. We were both watching and smiling without saying anything, except to encourage Gabriel to continue chasing. It was a neat thing to watch. Micah still doesn't want him to sit near him and if one of us is sitting with Micah and Gabe comes over, Micah will still get up and walk away. However, it's a tiny improvement!

We are enjoying the house and still getting settled. We have unpacked most boxes with still a few to go, and we still need to hang things on the wall.