Thursday, May 26, 2011

Betty's 80th

Co-workers from Harris Hospital

Betty with grandkids and great-grandkids

the whole family minus Tucker

Last month I was so glad to go to Fort Worth to celebrate Betty's 80th birthday! Anybody who knows me well has heard me talk about Betty. She is one of the dearest friends I have and has been for 22 years! We worked together at Harris Hospital in downtown Fort Worth. I was just 18 when we met and we developed a great friendship. We have seen many movies together, enjoyed all kinds of food together, been on road trips, shared stories of our families, prayed for each other, and have laughed so much. Her love for Jesus and God's Word inspired me early on in our friendship to want to know Him more. I have learned so much about life as well as loving and serving God and others through my friendship with her. She is the kind of person who knows how to bring out the best in anyone.

I've been blessed to know all 3 of her kids, watch her grandkids grow up and get married and have kids of their own. It is maybe what some would call an unlikely friendship, since there is a 40 year age difference, but I'm thankful to God for our friendship all of these years and that we have been able to maintain it despite living hundreds and even thousands of miles from each other for a good portion of the time we've known each other.

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Amyrosedouglas said...

neat Kelly. So glad you got to go. Just wish I could've seen you. next time.