Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Good days for Micah

Since the last post in April, things have gone really well with Micah. He has had very minimal seizures in the last five weeks since we discontinued the diet. The few seizures that he has had have been almost unnoticeable, only slight movements of his mouth. He also had a NORMAL EEG a few weeks ago. I capitalized normal because he has never had a normal EEG! Dr. Raja was so excited about it that he almost called us late at night, but then thought he should wait until the next morning and review the EEG results again. It's really a blessing to have a neurologist who really cares so much about Micah. We will do another EEG in a few weeks to compare. Dr. Raja is not sure that the positive results are from the diet, because it's usually an all or nothing deal, however, we have talked to some who've said that sometimes when kids are on it even for a brief amount of time it makes a difference. We're thankful to God for his improvement!

Micah has been very active and even seems to understand a little more what we say to him. It's hard to tell, since he can't talk to us yet, but he responds to "No" a little more quickly and he definitely understands when we ask if he's hungry. He's still pulling up to everything and is getting a little bolder about taking a few steps. He is eager to walk if we are holding his hands. So, thank you so much for praying, and I know you will continue to.

Wayne's parents were here this last week for a visit. We all enjoyed them being here and know it was great for them to be with Micah and vice versa. We went to Napa Valley and enjoyed the beauty there one day. We also went to China Camp State Park for a picnic, which was the place Wayne took me for our first date. It's a beautiful park on the bay with hiking trails in one area and small beaches in other areas. We were sad to see them go; we keep praying that we will be able to live closer to our families someday soon.

On another note, if you happen to look at this post before tomorrow or anytime tomorrow, would you please pray for a sister in Christ named Heather. She has been at the Mayo clinic for a little while and tomorrow will have brain surgery. A few weeks ago she was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. Without surgery or radiation, she has been told she has 5-7 years and that with the surgery and radiation, she would have at least 10-15 more. She is 32 years old and has three children, the youngest of whom has a terminal illness (5 years old) and is developmentally delayed. Lots of people are praying for her, but a few more can't hurt!