Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lake Fort Smith

Visitor center

I'm trying to catch up on posting photos! We went to Lake Fort Smith state park about a month ago (Micah was in school) for the first time and were really impressed with how pretty it was. It's about a half hour drive from our house. People have told us that they've made it a lot nicer in the last few years. There was a great little play area and some hiking trails. We went on a short hike and that was enough for Gabriel.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Coffee bean partners

Yesterday Micah managed to get the coffee bag out of the pantry without me realizing it. I was in the kitchen cleaning up after their snack and heard some rattling and then sounds of something dropping/spilling. So, I looked in the living room and I guess Gabriel had gotten the bag open and dumped at least a day or more serving of coffee beans and he and Micah were picking them up and chunking them across the room. Of course, I got the broom and starting sweeping and every time I would get a little pile (they were everywhere), Micah would follow me and try to disrupt my pile before I could get it in the dustpan. They were just giggling and having a great time. It was another small moment of them playing together that is encouraging, even if it was a mess for me.

This little piggy

Well, it isn't the most quality video, but it's cute. Wayne had been doing "This little piggy" with Gabriel and was encouraging Micah to help him. So, Micah would barely touch Gabriel's little toe and then laugh hysterically. I thought it was neat and a little encouraging that he was willing to touch Gabriel, even in such a small way. The lighting is horrible, but they had been doing it for a little while when I got the camera to video it, so I had to hurry before the opportunity was gone.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Scary Friday

We had a scary situation happen on Friday. Gabriel was had been taking a nap for a couple of hours, woke up crying and rather quickly he got quiet. I didn't think much about it because sometimes he will cry during nap briefly and then go back to sleep. After about 10 minutes I decided to go check on him. When I went into his room, he was convulsing, eyes rolling back, and just limp. I started panicking, screaming, praying and not knowing what to do. I tried to call 911, couldn't get through so I immediately loaded him in the car without fully fastening him in and tore out of the driveway to take him to the ER. I drove like a mad woman to get there, speeding and passing people I shouldn't have been passing and screaming at Jesus (praying). Gabriel was still convulsing and did so all they way to the ER. Thankfully, we live only a mile from the hospital. He stopped once we got there and started crying. I carried him in and they got him back immediately and starting working on him, taking blood, and asking questions. He had gotten up to a fever of 104 when he had started the morning with a really low grade fever.

They did lots of tests, x-rays, and a CT scan to make sure nothing was going on with his brain. So after 6 hours of being there, he was diagnosed with pneumonia but the CT scan was fine. He is on an antibiotic and it has worked well. He hasn't even been acting like a kid who is sick. We kept him in all weekend per Dr.'s orders and it has been driving him crazy that he couldn't go outside! He's doing well and I'm so thankful. We missed out on our church/city's big Easter egg hunt Saturday and he missed church yesterday, but he's all rested up now.

His pediatrician said that he may or may not have one of those febrile seizures anytime he has a fever. She said if he does that most kids outgrow them around 4 or 5. You would think it wouldn't have freaked me out the way it did. It just shocked me because 1)he isn't the kid in our family who has seizures, and 2)it was very physically disturbing. While Micah's seizures from infancy until 2 were scary and very damaging, they didn't physically look that bad.

Anyway, though it was a semi-minor thing, it made me want to cuddle with Gabriel and hold him a little tighter this weekend.