Monday, April 25, 2011

a few Easter photos

These were the things our boys were excited about that were in their Easter baskets. We just had a couple of toys and some candy in each of their baskets. Gabriel was so excited about his hotwheels and candy (he had some as he was smiling). I could not get a photo of Micah looking at me. He was too thrilled about his fake Easter grass. He carried it all over the house, scattering it and giggling as he walked along. I'm sure we'll be finding pieces of it for weeks to come.

We didn't have a nice family pic of the four of us in our dressy Easter clothes. For one, a picture of the four of us has to be strategically planned. Also, we have not gotten into the tradition of buying new clothes for Easter, and I'm not sure we ever will. Not that there is anything wrong with doing that, we just never started it. At some point, I do want to get a shirt and tie for the boys because they haven't had one, and take some photos. I know they would look so cute!


Anonymous said...

Sweet, sweet two boys and pics. So enjoyable to see and read.
Karen W.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly & Wayne,
I have been bad about checking your blog but just did. Wow how cute and interesting it all is. We praise you for all you do for your 2 sweet little boys. We pray for all of you as you have a lot on your plate. May God continue to give you strength and wisdom as you go day by day in the Lords guidance.

Love in Christ,
Jim and Lizie Brooks