Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fun Conversations

Last night after Gabriel's bath I was commenting on how long his fingernails and toenails were. He said "My nose is getting long too."

"Are you Pinocchio?" I said, realizing he doesn't even know who that is.

"NO! I not nocchio!"

We have not planted our garden yet because it has been too muddy from all the rain. Tonight Gabriel informed us that in his garden he is going to plant tomatoes, cantelope, hamburgers, and a taco tree. Sounds tasty to me!


Amyrosedouglas said...

Mmmm man, what if we could have a taco tree? That would be awesome! If it works I'm coming over!
Laina pulled EVERY tomato off of my plants - all 3 plants!

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely in love with those boys!!! If we only we all had Micah's unself-consciousness and Gabriel's freedom to imagine all manner of possibilities...!

xoxoxo, Auntie Paula