Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happenings lately

We had a follow up visit with Micah's pediatric neurologist at ACH in Little Rock last week.  Most of the appointment we discussed seizure medications and it was decided that Micah would start on a medicine that he took as an infant which was pretty successful in stopping seizures then.  He has been on 3 anti-seizure meds and has continued to have one or two seizures per day and they have gotten stronger in recent months, so strong that if he is standing he almost always falls to the ground.  The most negative potential side effect of this med is loss of peripheral vision.  But, the percentage of cases in which that has happened is so small, the Dr. and we decided it's worth trying again.  When he was a baby and started this particular med, it was almost as if a fog had been lifted from his brain and within a few days his seizures stopped.  So, we are praying it will be effective again.  When he was on this as a baby, his sleep was disturbed.  He would be awake anywhere from an hour to 3 hours in the middle of the night.  It happened so much that Wayne and I rotated nights.  We are praying that doesn't happen this time!

Gabriel is doing well over all but is a little sick right now.  He started complaining about his ear hurting yesterday so I gave him some ibuprofen.  An hour and a half later he started crying off and on and was saying "I want some medicine!"  I told him I couldn't give anymore right then so he said "I want someone to help me feel better!" crying as he was saying it.  So I took him to the urgent clinic last night and the doctor said his ear was very infected.  He has had fever and some vomiting too, but with a strong antibiotic he is already feeling better.

I have slacked in posting photos from Christmas.  I can't believe it's already been a month!  I have pics from my new phone that I have to figure out how to get on here and some from the camera. 

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Anonymous said...

Hey ya'll, hope the medication helps without disturbing Micah's sleep! I love that Gabriel was able to ask for what he needed in the midst of not feeling well. You all are such good parents!!!
xoxo, paula