Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Adventures, or is it hilarity?

I almost hesitated to share these stories about Gabriel, but they are just too funny.  One day, he will laugh too.  We have been working on potty training for months and it is just going so slowly.  However, he is doing well with going to pee, even on his own.  We have been putting underwear on him (as opposed to a pull up) for a few hours in the mornings.  While we were in OK, we even got a little brave and left them on to go out to his grandparents' farm.   As soon as we got there he was acting like he needed to pee and so his Aunt Nel told him that he could pee outside, that he didn't have to have a bathroom.  He said he did not need to go but in five minutes he did, in his pants, soaking his jeans, and shoe.  Then he looked at us and said, "You're right, I can pee outside!"  Not exactly what we had in mind.

We have had this purple car sitting on top of the pantry for months now as incentive for him to go number 2 in the potty.  He knows about it, knows what he needs to do to get it, etc.
One morning last week he had been doing great going to the bathroom and so I told him to just let me know if he needed to go poop and that I would come and help him.  Less than ten minutes later, he waddles in the living room telling me he had gone in his underwear.  With a sigh, I took him into the bathroom and starting cleaning him up.  Then, I starting praying out loud.  "Lord Jesus, would you please put it in this child's head to want to go to the potty, understand what he needs to do, not be scared, or whatever."  Not even thinking about him listening to me, he says "Momma, will Jesus help me get the purple car?"

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Anonymous said...

We love these stories--Gabriel is beginning to express faith in the God he is being taught about when he asks, "Can Jesus help me get my purple car?" And he heard you praying out loud, so the example is before him. That example pays great dividends!