Friday, February 03, 2012

Breathing easy

I was washing dishes the other afternoon and heard Micah giggling in the living room.  I didn't think anything about, just thought he had found a toy that was particularly amusing so I didn't go and check on him until I finished the dishes.  I should've checked.  I walked in the room to find him smearing vapor rub all over his clothes, hair, the floor, etc.  I found some on the recliner and a space on the arm of the couch.  Wow.  It was everywhere.  He was having a great time with that.  In the past he hasn't been able to unscrew a lid, but I guess he has learned that recently.  Needless to say, the smell has lingered and all I have to do if I'm stopped up is turn my head and face to the upper left side of the recliner and breathe deeply.


Anonymous said...

Oh, dear Kelly!!! I'm wondering what was the rest of the story!!?!What a mess to try to clean. And then, years ago, it was the powdered sugar--or was it flour??
Write it down so you can laugh about it in years to come. It was a fine photo of Micah that you sent.
Grandma Karen

Tonya said...

Well you definately have a way of telling that to make me laugh. Sorry for the mess--thanks for the chuckle.