Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Birthday part 2

Gabriel "driving" with Aunt Nel
Two of his favorites for the evening

Wow. I guess all I have to do is whine a little bit about not having readers and I get comments! Thanks for letting me know that you read and check the blog frequently. I apologize, I really didn't expect that very many people read it. I'm a little more motivated now to update. I'm not going to promise every day; that's not realistic for me. But, I will try to post at least once a week, maybe more now.

In the last picture, Micah is holding a bunch artificial reeds or something that Grandma sent in his birthday package because she knew he would like it. He loved it. He is really into weeds, flowers, herbs, trees, etc. He loves being outside these days and just goes from one spot in the yard to another, usually pulling a bunch of weeds and carrying those around until he decides to drop those and grab something else. The few herbs we have growing probably don't have much of a chance. At least we didn't plant them, they were here before we moved in.

In the other hand is something called foam that I got at a toy store. It's just multi-colored, squishy, sticky material that you can mold into whatever you want. It has the consistency of rice krispy treats and will stretch and you can smush it back together. Micah really loved that and loves for you to stick it on him and then he pulls it off and just giggles like crazy.

One of my favorite things about Micah is that it doesn't take much to make him laugh or entertain him. I love his little belly laughs about something as simple as sticking something on him and pulling it off.

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Marge Bancroft said...

Two blog posts in less than a week. Way to go, Kelly!