Friday, October 01, 2010

Just Pet the Cat

We have a cat that frequents our yard for some reason. I think she belongs to one of the neighbors behind us, but really likes our backyard. She likes Gabriel too even though he seems to want to torture her. The other night I was gone to a meeting and later I read what Wayne had posted on his facebook status:

"When I imagined what being a parent would be like, I never envisioned myself saying the following: "Don't sit on the cat. NO. DON'T SIT ON THE CAT!...Don't poke it, either. No, don't hit it! Don't step on it. Don't pull the tail. Pet it. Pet the cat. Just pet the cat...Good. Just like that. Pet the cat."


Anonymous said...

Good words, Wayne, good words!! You'll find a few more things along the way that you never envisioned for you, a parent.

on the eastern journey said...


Beckie said...

Kelly, it reminds me of a sermon that I heard years ago - when the passage was regarding what Paul said about how the knowledge of sin is what sometimes causes the sin. He said that his son was outside in the sandbox playing peacefully. He walked by and said, "Don't put sand in the dogs water bowl." guess what happened as soon as he turned his back - there was sand in the water bowl. Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Because you know who was the one poking, pulling and provoking our cats growing up, don't you?