Thursday, August 19, 2010

First day of Kindergarten

Euper Lane Elementary School

In his new classroom

The egg chair (don't know what else to call it)

Waiting in the hallway for the bell to ring

Micah's first day of Kindergarten was mostly a success. His teacher (who has been teaching for 34 years!) told me he had a "pretty good" day. She said he only got upset twice and both times it was due to noise. When they went down to the cafeteria for breakfast, she said it was VERY noisy and seemed overwhelming to him and he wasn't interested in eating. The other time he got upset was because of another boy in his class who was crying. We had this issue before at Kids First and the student was moved to another class. Unfortunately, that probably won't happen this time. Although at some point he will need to adjust to noise, even if it really bothers him. An occuptional therapist took him for a walk when he got really upset in the classroom. The teacher also told me that at one point she told him he could go to the sensory area and sit in the chair that looks like an egg. She said he went over and got in it and pulled the cover down. I think we all need a chair like that!
I actually did not get emotional; I think last week was harder to see him leave Kids First. I got a little sad later when I saw the kids lined up who are in the mainstream Kindergarten classes and all the parents standing by watching them. It was just one of those moments that I have sometimes when I wish things were "normal." I also get a little anxious when Micah starts a new school, just thinking of all the expectations and all the things he can't do yet. Then I have to remind myself that at each school, (Marindale in CA, Cook preschool special ed. here in Ft. Smith, and then Kids First) he has shown improvement and progress. So, it's a new day and we are thankful for a good school for him. We are also thankful that for a brand new school, new classmates, and new adults to get used to Micah had a great day.


Charley & Marianne said...

Love, love, love that egg chair!! I somehow guessed that Micah would like it too!! He looks so great! the spitting image of Wayne for sure. I ache with you my friend for the normal that is different than you expected!! Praying for Micah to have an awesome year!! He has reallly come a long way. Love you my friend!

Anonymous said...

Hey ya'll...I am such a proud Aunt, and Sister and Sister-in-law. And, though I cannot know the full ache you feel for the "normal" I can only imagine. And yet, you continue to love and cherish Micah, and get frustrated and this way, you teach Micah that his humanity is beloved...and worth aching for. Am praying for his transition into kindergarten and hoping for the progress that can happen. love you all! Love, Auntie Paula

Anonymous said...

I agree--we all need an egg chair sometimes!! It looks fun! I hope Micah will love that chair when things get too much for him. We can feel your emotions about 'what is' but pray that 'what will be' is something bigger and better than what you now imagine. Super pictures and a big 'hurrah' for Micah!
Grandma Karen

Anonymous said...

You can get the egg chair at Ikea.. they have them all the time it isnt a seasonal item they just change the color occationally.. it would be worth it for you.. miss you.. love ya Becky

jen said...

I love the first day of school! (mine is Monday) Such a brave boy and brave Momma! :) Love you! :)