Friday, October 15, 2010

Paint the Park Pink on the Green

The Bell tower on UAFS campus

In honor of my Aunt Nona

Dad came out to show support

Mom is a 14 year survivor!

Survivors walking toward the starting area

The survivors

Mom and I participated in the Paint the Park Pink on the Green walk last Saturday. I think it used to just be called Paint the Park Pink when it was at one of the local parks, and then they moved it to the UAFS campus. It was a beautiful fall day, perfect weather for the occasion. Mom and I went to the survivor breakfast before the walk and then the walk started at 9 am.
Mom has always wanted to participate in one of the Susan G. Komen walks/races and something has always come up that prevented her from taking part. So, this was a fun day and I'm glad it worked out for us to go. Dad came over and walked with us. There were hundreds of people who participated in the walk. We walked all the way around the beautiful UA Fort Smith campus.
There were pink flags all around the campus in honor of hundreds of people.
We had two flags out, one in honor of Mom and one in honor of Aunt Nona, Dad's sister who passed away in 2007. She had breast cancer many years ago and it was another kind of cancer that took her life, but we still wanted to honor her. She was dearly loved by our family.


jen said...

What a cool thing to do with your family!!! Go team PINK! :)

Anonymous said...

Great photos of you, your mom and dad and of the many participants. The event must be so affirming and thrilling to survivors of breast cancer. I'm glad you all were able to be there together.
Karen W.

Kecia said...

That is awesome.