Thursday, August 05, 2010

Seattle trip

Mt. Rainier

Paula speaking at graduation

Pike Place (Micah was walking with Janel)

Outside Pike Place Market

loved the balloons

loved opening and closing this door

Farmer's Market (well it's over to the left out of the picture)

The Locks

Alki beach

We had a great time in Seattle when we went at the end of June. We left Tulsa at 6:30 am; three flights and 12 hours later we arrived in Seattle. I think Wayne and I decided we won't fly anywhere with the boys again for another five years! They actually traveled really well, the waiting in airports was the hardest.
We stayed with Wayne's parents in a condo on Alki Beach which is in West Seattle. It was a beautiful area and we loved being a block from the beach! Of course, the water was too cold to get in, but the boys had a great time playing in the sand and Micah loved the waves coming in.
Paula graduated from Mars Hill Graduate School on Saturday. It was a great ceremony and she gave a beautiful speech. She was selected by her class to be one of three students to speak. We are so proud of her!
After graduation Paula and her roommates hosted a party at their house. That's where the balloons came from that Micah is playing with. Sunday we went to a great Farmer's market and then went to the Locks afterwards.
Monday we went to Mt. Rainier which was absolutely amazing. Monday evening we celebrated Gabriel's birthday which was actually Tuesday, but Janel was leaving that day so we wanted to celebrate early. Tuesday, we went downtown to Pike Place Market and walked around and had some delicious clam chowder! Wednesday we had to leave...too bad. We had a great time and I did not want to come back so soon! We were really enjoying the cooler temperatures and the time with family.

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Anonymous said...

I'll comment on Seattle trip! I'm the Womack grandma and it was a wonderful time all being together. Thank you to our kids for all making the effort to be there for one another. Thank you, Paula, for hosting us in such a wonderful way. MOM