Friday, December 09, 2011

Yard helpers

Last Saturday we spent a couple of hours raking leaves in our backyard.  Gabriel was so excited to help rake leaves for the first time.  He actually did help some.  Micah loved picking the leaves up and dumping them all over himself as you can see.  He is really into this phase of picking anything outside, whether it's leaves, weeds, grass, dirt, etc. and either dumping it/them on his head or taking a handfull and raking it over the side of his head like he is brushing his hair with whatever it is.  It's strange, but just one of those phases he is in which will pass in weeks or months, hopefully. 

Micah actually helped put leaves in the bags some, but then at other times would take leaves out that we had just put in.  He and Gabriel both loved to come tromping through once I had a big pile gathered.  Though it could have been frustrating, we actually had fun and enjoyed seeing the boys have so much fun.  At some point Micah carried off 2 right handed gloves and we think may have put them in one of the leaf bags which we didn't notice.  We realized there were two missing and they were nowhere to be found, so that was the only explanation.  We ended up with 14 bags of leaves and probably could have filled up as many more.

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