Monday, December 19, 2011

Only by the grace of God

There are some days when I get to the end of the day and I'm thankful that our boys have been kept from obvious danger.  I'm sure most mothers think that way, but my boys are just rowdy and do things that scare me sometimes.  With Micah, it goes with the territory.  He just doesn't understand boundaries of any kind, whether that's walking out in the street or toward a car, etc.  We don't let him out of our sight for that very reason, but on occasion there are moments when it's hard to avoid if even for a few seconds. He is very strong and even if I am holding onto him, he will sometimes try and maneuver out of my grasp. He loves climbing these days, and that may be on the table, on the couch, or any high surface.  He is also in to sticking things in his ear.  One day I absent mindedly left a pair of scissors on the counter and turned around just in time to snatch them out of his hands as he was about to put them in his ear!  We are careful to put knives and anything sharp up in high places.

Gabriel has become mister independent, wanting to do almost everything by himself (except for the things we want him to do by himself!).  This includes walking out in a parking lot.  He does not want us to hold his hand and sometimes will act like he is being tortured if we try and hold his hand. He also loves to climb and jump from high places. 

As I think about these boys, I'm reminded that I'm not alone and that the Father is watching out for them and Wayne and myself as we parent them.  Psalm 121 talks about the LORD being our keeper and there are many references in Scripture to being protected.  Sometimes children aren't protected from harm and I don't understand why; that's a whole other theological discussion.  For now, I have to submit my fears and worries and believe that He is a good Father.  He is my Help and my Shield.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, those boys...yes, so much anxiety to be a parent and always be on guard... both are on the so dependent and one so seeking independence. You all have a hard always impressed with how you see to love and care for you boys and each other. Can't wait to see you all! xoxo, Aunt Paula