Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Micah is Superman!


On Halloween day, Micah's class had a party at one of his classmates' home.  The teacher invited Gabriel and me to come, so we did.  I was so proud of Micah for wearing and tolerating his Superman costume.  I wanted to be creative, but ended up going the easy way and got a Superman costume.  I knew I had to find something without a hat or a mask.  I found the Superman costume on sale so it was an easy decision!  Gabriel told me four days before Halloween that he would NOT wear a costume, I believed him so I didn't get him one.  He was fine with that and seemed to not be bothered in the least that he didn't wear one to the party or to our church's fall festival later that night. 

The party was fun, especially for Gabriel.  He had a great time playing with the other kids.  Micah enjoyed roaming all over the yard looking for unsuspecting plants, weeds, and flowers to pull with me following behind trying to keep him from pulling said plants.  Thankfully, the host (mom of Micah's classmate) was not bothered in the least and told me "Hey, flowers are for picking!  There is nothing here he can harm!" 

There was supposed to be bobbing for apples; that's the tub of water you see Micah and a couple of others playing in.  The game was stopped after the second kid spit in the tub.  They didn't seem disappointed that the game was called off.  Micah had a great time jumping on their mini trampoline and was doing this while the other kids were "trick or treating" at the back door.  Gabriel got to trick or treat for him and for Micah. 

Later that evening we went to our church's fall festival which is a huge deal.  Our church gives out free hot dogs, nachos, and candy galore to probably between 3,000 and 4,000 in the community.  There are games set up on the parking lot and the trick or treating was inside in the children's building.  Micah didn't last long, he was so tired that he just kept wanting to sit down.  Wayne took him home probably ten minutes after we had gotten there.  We had taken two vehicles for that reason. We never know how Micah will do in a situation so we are learning we need to do that so that Gabriel doesn't miss out on activities.  We only had time to trick or treat and had to wait in line for quite a while just to do that.  The food line was way too long afterwards so we came home.  Gabriel had so much fun handing out candy to trick or treaters.  I had to coach him because he was giving out handfulls of candy to gasping children.  Even after I told him "Only two pieces to each." He would still give out too much.  Oh well, it just meant we could turn out our porch light sooner.

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Anonymous said...

So fun to hear about all you all's adventures, costume or no costume :). Thanks for posting!!!
aunt paula