Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back from an unintentional blog break

Micah's first day of school

Gabriel making Jello

Wow. It has been a long time since I last posted! There has been a lot of things going on and a lot of traveling. Most of it has been good, but it has honestly been a hard 6 weeks or so. Micah started back to school last week and has not really adjusted well. The teacher told me Friday that it was the worst day she'd ever had with Micah (this is her second year to have him in her class). He has been really difficult to control with a lot of smacking at adults, pulling on them (us) and even kicking. He was actully doing a lot of this in recent weeks. All we can make of it is that he has just been so out of routine and hasn't known what to do with himself. During June, he was in a half day summer school program so he at least had some sort of regularity. After that he was here every day and then we also traveled a few different places in July and early August. With having record heat here in Fort Smith, as high as 115 and never going below the 100s for a few weeks, there are few places to go in this town...especially with both of them by myself. I'm sure part of it has been complete boredom.

His teacher told me she thinks it may even take longer than a week for him to adjust back to the routine. He has also been waking in the middle of the night a few nights a week and not going back to sleep and then sometimes not even taking a nap later that day! I don't see how the kid does not fall over from exhaustion! We are consulting his Drs. for wisdom.

I will post some pictures and other news of our summer in the days to come.

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Kecia said...

I'm praying for all of you, Kelly! And I thought about you when we were at Glorieta week before last. Remember our hike? :)