Friday, September 02, 2011

A couple of snippets

I am loving Gabriel's mealtime prayer these days (it's been the same for several days) : "Thank you God for the food and we can have a good night's sweep and pway outside."  The poor child doesn't get to play outside much because it's still so hot so I guess he feels the need to pray about it!

I took Micah to his dermagologist the other day because of a perpetual rash on his arms.  She suggested we put vaseline on it and wrap it with saran wrap to see if that helps since what we've tried hasn't worked well.  I sort of stared blankly at her all the while thinking that I might have a timer ready if and when we do it to see how long it stays on his arms.

She also commented on the bumps on his face (that sort of look like acne) that are characteristic of TSC and asked if he was about to go through puberty.  I said "I sure hope not!  He's only six!"  She said "Oh my gosh, he looks so much older!" 
He could pass for 8 or 9, but probably not 12 or 13!

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Kecia said...

Tell Gabriel to keep praying...please!!