Tuesday, July 12, 2011

similar situation

One story in the book "Plan B" really impacted me because it was similar to our story. The difference was that this couple had already served on the mission field and had twins and their twins were born very ill. They survived but it was discovered after some months that they were both deaf. Their father was quoted as saying "This is not the way we thought parenting was going to look. This is not the way we thought ministry was going to look. This is not the way we thought life was going to work." I could relate to that. The author of the book follows that by saying:

"I think this is a difficult truth to grasp, but God loves you enough to strip you of anything that keeps you from him. And often these things that separate you are not bad in and of themselves. Often, in fact, they're good things-relationships, missions, jobs. But if for some reason they are keeping us from knowing God as we should, he may take them out of our lives." Then a few paragraphs later he says "Time and time again in your life you're going to feel as if God isn't showing up. You're going to feel as if God isn't healing, he isn't restoring, he isn't releasing his mighty power. These moments are crucial because God is trying to get you to the place where you can't handle things on your own, where you are willing to surrender your plans in order to receive his. He's trying to mature your faith."

I really think it was easy when I was in college, single, doing my own thing, traveling the world and the states serving in missions. I thought back then that my faith was growing. It was, and I will always be grateful for those days, for God's hand in places I lived, the opportunities I had, and the people he placed in my life in those days. I honestly feel though like he has grown my faith more in the past several years through marriage and through having kids, and having one with a disability to really grow my faith. He continues to do that.

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