Friday, May 29, 2009

The Powdered Sugar Incident

This happened last Thursday. This mess topped all three from the day before. I had gotten home from picking up Micah at school. I got him out of the car first and then went back to get Gabriel as I always do. I immediately went to change Gabriel’s diaper and Micah had gone into his room which I thought nothing of. Apparently, I left the pantry door open in the kitchen, once again. As I was coming out of my room I glanced in Micah’s room and saw him sitting in his bean bag chair, dumping powdered sugar out of the bag. He had already dumped it all over his bed, all over the carpet, all over his toys, and all over himself. He was also enjoying the taste because he was smacking his lips.

I didn’t get mad or frustrated, just sighed in exasperation “OHHH Micah!” Then I started the task of cleaning up which took about half an hour. Before I cleaned up, I decided to take a few pictures. I knew that one day, I will look back at these photos and laugh hysterically. I accidentally deleted one photo that was a good shot of Micah, but you get the gist by seeing these few.


Kecia said...

So proud of you for knowing you'll laugh one day...I laugh now at Jessica and her friend Victoria decorating the bathroom with vaseline and baby powder. :/

sara said...

I had a mom tell me before you get too angry at your kids, stop and take a picture of it all first and it will calm you down. Glad to see it works! Cute pictures.