Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Going back to Mother's Day

Thomas, Kim, and my sweet nephews Harrison and Benjamin

on the stage with the pastor

I'm a little late in posting this from Mother's Day. We had Gabriel's baby dedication at church. Mom and Dad were here as well as my sister Kim and her family. It was nice to spend Mother's day with my Mom for the first time in nine years!
The dedication was very quick. Our church only does baby dedication one Sunday a year, which was unusual to us. There were about 25 other babies and families, so they moved us through quickly. We didn't have Micah in for that time because we weren't sure how it would go. The waiting in line to move through would have been too hard for him, so we went to get him afterwards for the family picture. The one that the photographer took turned out fairly well because we are all looking at the camera. I don't have a scanner or I would post that one.


Marianne said...

Ooooo, Kell-ee you be lookin' so beautiful. I just wanted to tell you that. Your fam looks good too, but you are just so pretty!! Love you friend!

Anonymous said...

Gabriel must be changing by the hour. Meant to ask if he is walking yet! Your mother, sister, Kim and you, Kelly, all three of you are beautiful and so nice to see you together in the photo. How nice you are closer to them in distance and spirit. All the photos are treasures.

Kecia said...

Sweet pictures!