Thursday, May 14, 2009

Where do I start?

Well, it has been a while! So sorry for the two of you who check every day to see if I’ve posted! Okay, maybe there’s more than two. Anyway, a lot has happened and I won’t be posting all of it today! Since I last wrote, we’ve had both sets of grandparents and my sister and her family came to visit. The stomach virus also visited and started with me, then Micah (poor kid was out of school for a week!) and then Wayne had it for a couple of days. Thankfully, Gabriel did not get it!

Since I last posted, Micah had the MRI and did very well with the whole process. His neurologist said there were no changes except those consistent with Tuberous Sclerosis. When I asked what that meant, he said there were some areas that looked like scar tissue that can sometimes develop which can cause mild seizures. He still has seizures on occasion; they are so mild that you have to be watching very closely or at just the right moment to know it’s happening. So, overall, that was good news about the MRI.

I know many of you have prayed diligently for Micah since he was a baby, and we are always thankful. I also know that many have prayed specifically since I asked for that in March when he was having such extreme meltdowns/tantrums for about two weeks. Thank you for that as well. We haven’t seen anything like that since that time. We have figured out that he is sometimes very bothered by the dishwasher and other loud noises (lawnmowers, hair dryers), so these noises will upset him. It’s such a process trying to figure out why he gets upset, but things have been so much better!


On the Eastern Journey said...

What beautiful photos! Thanks Kelly for the update. I hope you guys are all feeling better and getting excited about summer!

Mrs. Donut said...

Love you guys so much. Great pics! What beautiful boys. I think they want some sugars from their Aunt Amy!!!! :o)

Amyrosedouglas said...

Precious pictures Kelly. Micah and Gabriel are such beautiful kids!