Thursday, January 15, 2009

Micah's new school update

We enjoyed visiting our families over the holidays and I’ll write about that a little later. I know many are wondering how Micah is doing at Kids First. Overall, he’s doing very well. He started last week going only 2 hours the first day and gradually increasing the time a little each day until he went a full day on Friday. They do this so that the child, teachers, and other students can all adjust. He has seemed to adapt well so far. He has only been upset once and that was one day this week. I think one of the major adjustments is nap time. They have an hour and a half nap time in which each student has a cot to lie on. The rule is, you must stay on your cot and be quiet even if you aren’t going to take a nap. When they first told me this I thought about saying “Good luck with that.” I didn’t say that but just told them that might take a while. Micah is hard to contain at times and he’s very strong and strong-willed.

Micah usually eats the breakfast provided even though he’s had breakfast here. He’s an early riser so by the time we get to school it has usually been at least two hours since eating here. So far, he isn’t eating the lunch very well. It’s all food from one of the local hospital systems here. The teacher told me that it’s pretty typical for kids to not eat the food (lunch) for a while.
He is being evaluated by all the therapists there and will hopefully start getting some of his speech and physical therapy soon.

I had to include a couple of pictures taken over the holidays. Micah found much delight in playing in the dirt in Grandma and Grandpa Womack’s backyard. I’ll write again soon and post more pictures.


Anonymous said...

Sweet pics of both Micah and Gabriel! Gabriel has changed even since you all left here on Dec.28. What a great smile he has, and he looks older than 6 months.

Kecia said...

They are so cute. I hope you're just amazed at the progress Micah makes at his new school.

on the eastern journey said...

We're so thankful Micah is making such great progress in school!