Sunday, December 21, 2008

O, Pitiful Christmas Tree

The Sad Christmas Tree
Cow Elvis Ornament

The Christmas Tree guard

The Culprit

Do you notice anything about our tree? It's only decorated with ornaments one-third of the way down. That's because Micah has taken all of the ornaments off that he can reach one by one. We didn't even bother to put them back because we knew he would just take them off. He's also been fascinated with the lights and had grabbed at some, which is why some of them are hanging low. It's a real tree and he has had a great time batting at it, knocking an abundance of pine needles on the floor. So, I had an idea early on that I would scoot Gabriel's little toy farm pad that he lays on close to the tree. I said "Hey Wayne, who needs a gate when we have Gabriel?" You know, since Micah doesn't want to come to close to him. I know, it's kind of mean, but it works when Gabriel is out in the living room.
I got the cow/Elvis ornament last fall (2007). I went to Boston to meet up with four of my dearest friends ever from GGBTS. It was quite a memorable trip and so much fun to be with all of them again. When we were all at Golden Gate, we used to do an ornament exchange among the four of us, and at times I think one or two other gals participated. So when we got together last year we decided to do it again. My friend Amy, who lived in Boston at the time gave me a neat ornament from Boston's North End. When we went to Maine the next day, she found the Cow Elvis ornament and couldn't resist getting it for me (since she knew my love of cows and Elvis) even though she had already given me one.


Kecia said...

What a great ornament! And your tree guard...whatever works. ;)

Amyrosedouglas said...

yea for the cow elvis!

Anonymous said...

That is really funny-just have to laugh. The culprit even looks guilty!! I didn't know, Kelly, that you had a liking for cows!!Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow to hug you all!!