Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 Things

This is something that's going around on Facebook, a way to get to know people in your life a little better. Probably a lot of people who read this know most of this about me (all 3 of you...just kidding), but it was a fun challenge to try and think of 25 random things about me.

25 Random Things About Me

1. I was a runt when I was born, under 5 pounds and so little that my mom dressed me in doll clothes (guess they didn’t have preemie clothes back then). I had a collapsed lung and was on breathing machines for about 3 weeks. My parents said they weren’t sure I would make it.
2. I am a fan of Elvis and have collected some memorabilia but only have 2 Cds of his and I don’t care for his movies.
3. I love to play and watch basketball more than any sport. I can see myself still playing when I have the opportunity even into my 70s or 80s.
4. I love being outdoors and doing almost anything recreational that involves being outdoors.
5. I hate stepping in any amount of water in socks, so much so that I will take my socks off if it happens and put on a different pair.
6. I love traveling but have only been to 6 countries. It’s one of my life goals to travel to all 50 states; so far I’ve been to 32.
7. I have always been a procrastinator and can be spontaneous. I married a man who is not spontaneous in the least. He says he likes to plan his spontaneity.
8. I love different types of music but mostly listen to Christian worship and smooth jazz.
9. I love coffee more than any drink, but I limit myself to about 1 large cup of caffeinated a day. I don’t mind decaffeinated. I’ll admit that I have become a coffee snob after living in California.
10. I love to read and would choose it over TV almost any day.
11. I have very fast labors. First son was born an hour and a half after admitted to the hospital. Second son was born 30 minutes after being admitted to the hospital.
12. I loathed running in high school during basketball practice, but took up running for exercise in 1994. I’ve since run 2 marathons and 1 half marathon and am training for another.
13. When I am reading a magazine that I own, I have to read it from page one to the end, I don’t skip around. If I’m waiting in line at a store, it’s a different story.
14. I am good at doing impersonations and voices and I enjoy acting.
15. I love sports and enjoy watching some sports on TV. I would rather watch Sportscenter on ESPN any day than something on HGTV.
16. I love going out to eat breakfast, especially to places that make gourmet type breakfasts.
17. I have ridden a camel and an elephant. Camel riding is overrated; riding an elephant is way more fun.
18. I have climbed Mt. Sinai in Egypt in a skirt and sandals in the dark at about 4 in the morning. We were trying to get to the top before sunrise. We made it and I had bruises from tripping and falling. I didn’t take pants because I didn’t think about it.
19. I have had lots of varied jobs: pizza place, cleaning houses, medical records coordinator at a hospital, school bus driver, youth intern at a church, elementary school P.E. teacher, bank teller, barista at Starbucks, teacher’s aide, Lifeway bookstore salesperson, associate for a printing company, summer day camp worker for The Salvation Army, sales associate at The Container Store, and presently now a stay at home Mom. My favorites were the ones involving working with kids, which of course include my own kids!
20. Having lived in the San Francisco bay area for the last 8 years and San Francisco itself for 2 of those years, it will always be one of my favorite cities. You’re singing Tony Bennett now aren’t you?
21. Being 6’1, I always prayed for my husband to be at least as tall as I and maybe taller. He’s 6’7.
22. I love God’s word; love to read it, study it, and teach it as I have opportunity.
23. I used to get into things and be mischievous when I was a kid; my grandmother called me “Pilfering Pete.”
24. I let papers pile up in one spot for weeks at a time until I can’t stand it any longer and have to go through them.
25. I usually give more details than necessary whether talking or writing, thus the reason for my lengthy answers in this list!


Anonymous said...

I learned a few things about you I didn't know, Kelly. If I had been told, then I had forgotten that you were under 5 pounds at birth and had collapsed lung and struggled to live. We're so glad you did!! I liked reading the list. Bravo to Micah for all he's learning!! Can't wait to see you all in February.

Kecia said...

You are so much fun! I don't usually read these on facebook, and haven't written one yet...maybe I'll get around to it. But I enjoyed reading yours!
#1--I have a friend whose niece was born last fall at 28 weeks, weighing 11 ounces. She's almost up to 5 pounds now, and may go home in 2 weeks. They put her in Build-a-bear clothes at Christmas.

Totally agree with #5 and 13

I only enjoy ESPN because of Kirk Herbstreet. ;)
But I do love Razorback basketball, especially when they win!

Pete and Kimberly said...

It was fun reading up on you! I noticed a few similarities between us, particularly #5,10, 13, 16, and 25. Your kids are so cute! I'm so proud of the progress Micah is making, and proud of you and Wayne for the way you are raising/training him!