Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to Wayne!

Happy Birthday to Wayne! He’s catching up with me today by turning 37. I thought I would share some ways I am thankful for Wayne.

He is a great husband, so thoughtful and sweet to me. In our seven years of marriage, he has never raised his voice to me, has never spoken an unkind word toward me, or even jokingly put me down for anything. This is so much more than I can say for a lot of men. His words are those of encouragement and often complimentary. He often greets me in the mornings by saying “Good morning, beautiful.” even when I KNOW I don’t look beautiful. Who does when you first roll out of bed?

I love that he is so intelligent and knowledgeable about so many things. I can ask him almost anything that I’m uneducated or curious about and he will usually know the answer, and not make me feel dumb for not knowing. He’s sort of like my own personal search engine.
There are no household chores that he will not do. He’s a great cook, he will do laundry, and even clean the bathrooms. I will never forget when we lived in San Francisco how he would sort and haul all of our laundry to the Laundromat two blocks away. This was an every Saturday occurrence when I was pregnant with Micah and then after he was born. Now we have the luxury of having a washer and dryer in our house!

Wayne loves God and His word and is a gifted teacher of it. He has always been diligent about spending time with God, even if it means rising very early in the morning to do it.

And of course, he is a great father to our precious boys. He helps take care of them in so many ways and is so fun and silly with them. It blesses my heart to see how he loves them.
I know I haven’t exhausted the list, but these are a few of the things that came to mind.


Amy said...

What a beautiful blogpost! Thank you for these encouraging words and for sharing them with all of us! It is helpful to hear others offer an exhortation of their spouse, so that it will encourage us to do the same. From this post we see that Wayne is such a blessing to you, but we also see what a blessing you are to him! Thanks Kelly for your words!

Anonymous said...

What a joy it is to read the blog you wrote about Wayne. It is no less a joy to know the receiver of his kindnesses--Kelly--is a most wonderful wife for Wayne, and your boys are receiving wonderful parenting from both of you. Together, you are like a light on a hill, like a lighthouse on a treacherous coastline. The sea may be stormy but God's light in you shines brightly. Be of good cheer and be not afraid.

Marianne said...
He woman, I found this blog through a friend and thought it might be something that ministers to you. She is a mom with a spec. needs child and writes and speaks to moms of SN kids. Seems pretty cool! Hope you had an awesome thanksgiving!! love you, M

Marian Engelland said...

HI Kelly - just got caught up on your blog. Great pics! Gabriel is so smiley and precious! I like the cowboy pics of Micah. :) Reminds me of when I forced Madeline to wear a cow costume her 1st Halloween that was about 3 mos. too small for her (just for the pics - we didn't keep her in it!)

Hey- have you contacted Focus on the Family for discipline/training/raising kids with special needs resources? Whenever I've called with something specific, they've done a good job of pointing me in the right direction and recommending some books. Just a thought.

Love you guys. I'm mailing a package to you soon (finally!) for a little gift for Gabriel.
- Marian