Sunday, November 02, 2008

Mad Cowboy

Friday night we went to the fall festival (or Hallelujah Halloween, as Wayne likes to call it) at Grand Avenue Baptist Church. This is the church we have been visiting for quite some time. It was quite a big production, held in one the parking lots of the church. There were hayrides going on, pony rides, live music, bobbing for apples, and several other games. They had chili dogs, smores, popcorn, and cotton candy, and they had about 15 cars backed in with each containing a laundry basket or something similar filled with candy. They had a nice little system going in which each child had a box checked off at each car they went to so as to avoid multiple visits to each car. We stayed long enough to eat hot dogs, look around a bit, and let Micah get some candy out of just a few cars. Ok, let’s be honest, it’s Mom that wants the candy. Micah is only fascinated by the packaging of the candy, he doesn’t realize there’s something wonderfully delicious and so bad for you inside.

We borrowed the cowboy outfit from a friend here for Micah to dress up for his school party on Thursday. He was none too thrilled about us dressing him in the vest, chaps, boots and hat. Having experienced this on Thursday morning, we waited Friday night until we were in the church parking lot to dress him in all the attire. I had the camera ready just as Wayne was finishing up, so that’s the reason for the mad cowboy shot. Hilarious, isn’t it? The hat only lasted on his head for about 30 seconds. Poor kid, why do we torture him just to make him look so cute?

Gabriel was content to ride around in his stroller and I snapped the great close up shot of him smiling.


Anonymous said...

Cute little guys, that's what they are, and great looking parents, too. Thanks for the update.

Paula Womack said...

I love "Hallelujah Halloween!" I laughed for a good minute or two when I read that :). and, i would cry too if i were dressed up in chaps and cowboy vest :). he does look pretty hilarious in the mad cowboy picture. thanks for sharing...those are classic. and lil' gabriel has such a cute smile.

Kecia said...

Your kids are SO CUTE!

Sandra said...

What a great Halloween outfit. Hope the hot dogs were yummy!

Tim and Jenn said...

Hello Womack family,
Nice to see some new pictures. The Mad cowboy is very funny. You have some very beautiful children. Not much new here in Canada. No snow yet. No job yet for me either. God is with us and teaching us though. We are enjoying our small group and getting to know the people at the church we're going to. Much love from fellow former FBC'ers
Jenn and Tim