Monday, July 21, 2008

We made it to OK

I know many are wondering how the trip from San Francisco to Oklahoma went on Saturday. We made it and are glad that part is over with! Once we got to the airport, Micah was very calm while we were at the ticketing desk to get our boarding passes. We were so thankful because it was taking a long time and the ticketing agent was very graceful. In all of our rush to finish packing last week and get ready to travel, we didn’t even think about needing documentation of Gabriel’s birth. We had nothing… birth certificate, shot records, or anything. We had dumped whatever we had of that sort in one of the last boxes. Apparently, even though they can visibly tell that he was under two (a lap child), they still needed proof. Thankfully, the man let us slide “this time,” otherwise we would’ve had to buy another ticket!

Gabriel traveled great; he slept for most of both flights. Micah did well after we initially were seated on the first flight. For about five minutes, he did not want to be buckled in and was crying and screaming. I was getting fearful that we might be kicked off (as has happened recently on some airlines with unruly children). Thankfully, Wayne pulled out his favorite blanket and he immediately calmed down. We had a 2 hour layover in Phoenix and Micah was so fascinated with the moving sidewalks that Wayne and I would swap kids and take turns taking him back and forth on those. He would squeal and giggle as he stepped on each one. The second flight was good until the last hour and he was quite fussy off and on, but it had been a long day! We made it to Enid around 10:30 on Sat. night.

Micah is still having a hard time adjusting to Gabriel, still having lots of crying, angry fits but we’ve been told by some of his therapists who worked with him in the bay area to expect it still for another month. I honestly think it helps to be at Grandma and Grandpa’s with a few more people around to give attention to him. They got a little wading pool for him that he absolutely loves!

I’ll post some photos soon. Thanks for praying for our travels and for praying for Micah.


Kecia said...

So are you in Okla. on your way to heaven I mean Arkansas? :) We were in Siloam Springs last week for camp; next year maybe we can visit you in Fort Smith when we're there!

Michelle said...

One state closer to
God's country :) Still lifting you guys up.