Saturday, July 26, 2008

Summer Fun at Grandma & Grandpa's

Well, there isn't much new to share. We are still waiting for our stuff to arrive in Ft. Smith. It may not be there until next Thursday, the 31st. That's a few days later than we were hoping, but what can you do? Our car arrived in Enid yesterday, so that's good. Wayne and his Dad went to Ft. Smith yesterday to meet our landlord, get our house keys, get things set up for water and electric, etc. So, hopefully in a week or less, we'll be there!
As you can tell, Micah is having a blast playing outside. Grandma and Grandpa found this wading pool, which is way fancier than any old circular pool that I was imagining. He has been in it every day. In between minutes in the pool, he loves to get out and roam up and down the yard for a little while and then get back in the pool. Yesterday, he decided he'd just have a seat in the garden, so we had to hose him down before he got back in the pool. I love the picture of him looking through his legs. I had never seen him do that before! So cute.
Not much new to share on how Micah is adjusting to Gabriel. He still isn't much. Still doesn't care for the kid too much. Still cries when he makes an appearance in the room. Still hits and kicks Wayne and me at seemingly random times. We're thinking he might actually be afraid of Gabriel because he gets hysterically upset if we try to bring the baby near him. Sigh. So, we're still waiting and praying for him to be happier and make the adjustment. But, we know he still has more adjusting to do once we move, etc. He does have happy moments, especially outside. Let's just say Grandma and Grandpa (and Aunt Janel until she left yesterday) take him for walks outside a lot, or down the street, or in the little wagon. It's a blessing to have some extra folks to love on him and spread out the attention.
Gabriel's great. He's eating like a champ, sleeping a little longer at night, and I'm sure he smiled at me purposely today. I don't think it was just gas. He's growing and is more alert. He'll be four weeks old tomorrow. I'm sure he has enjoyed being held a lot. There's more of that to come once we get to Ft. Smith and Nanna and Paw Paw come to visit!


Anonymous said...

i totally loved the pic of micah looking through his little legs...its so cute. i can imagine his little laugh/giggle. i miss you guys already. love, aunt nel.

Marianne said...

Oh, I am thrilled that Micah is enjoying the pool!! It is such a fun thing. I showed Joshua the pics and he wanted to come and play in the pool too!! It is one of his favorite activities. PTL for grandparents and the specialness of those times for our little ones!! God just gives us those perfect gifts, doesn't he?

Anonymous said...

How cute is Micah lovin' his pool. Bishop has one just like that. Gabe is just precious and Kellie does not look like she just gave birth! You are just beautiful! We will continue to pray for Micah and all the adjustments. Justin didn't handle our first move with him at three yrs. of age very well either.
Love you and look forward to more pictures!
Love Pam and Steve Sparks

Aunt Paula said...

How cute!!! they are beautiful boys! hope you all get to move in soon and get to the business of settling in. miss you all!!

Sandra said...

That pool is amazing! I'm so glad Micah likes being outdoors.