Thursday, July 10, 2008

First week with Gabriel

A smile from Micah yesterday!
Aunt Paula with Gabriel in Tiburon yesterday. I wanted Gabriel to have at least one photo with him in one of the beautiful spots here.
Cuddling with Daddy.

We finally took some updated photos of Gabriel. It’s amazing how much he looks like Micah when he was a newborn, although his hair is a little darker. The first week and a half with Gabriel has been good, tiring, but good. I am enjoying taking care of him maybe a little bit more than I did with Micah at first since it’s the second time around. With the first baby in the first few weeks of his life, you feel so lost. You worry about every little thing and hope that you’re doing most things right. I’m enjoying watching Gabriel with all of his little stretches and facial contortions and he is opening his eyes more. He is a cutie indeed and I just like the way newborns smell, especially their little heads and his skin is so soft.

The week and a half with Micah has not been so easy. He’s having an extremely hard time with this new person in his house. Some days have been harder than others. He is just really angry, showing lots of aggression and trying to kick or hit Wayne and me at times. He hasn’t gotten near Gabriel; I think that will be much further down the road. He is very clingy to Wayne, wanting him to hold him, pick him up, etc. It seems he gets almost frantic when Wayne is out of his sight. He is having more to do with me (as long as I‘m not holding Gabriel), which I’m thankful for. He was actually a little better yesterday, even tolerating Wayne holding the baby, which he did not tolerate well last week. It’s just interesting because one instant he seems happy and smiling and then will change immediately to getting very upset. There are usually a few times during the day in which the only solution is to put him in his bed in his room with his blanket and a toy. He always calms down immediately.

Wayne’s youngest sister Paula was here this week until this morning and it was so helpful to have her. She took over most of the domestic duties of cooking, laundry, and running to the store. She also took Micah to the park every afternoon and that was great. Janel (Wayne’s other sister) was here two weeks ago and missed Gabriel’s arrival by 2 days! She was extremely helpful as well because she packed up literally everything that could be packed except for what we’ve needed until next week. So, most of that is done and it has helped to not have that added stress.

As for me, I am trying to adjust to about 5-6 hours of sleep pieced together, trying to maintain sanity and not have a meltdown myself when Micah gets upset. Some moments I have succeeded and other moments I haven’t. I hate that his little life is turned upside down right now, but it’s just the way things have worked out. I am praying that it gets better with each day and each week as we leave this area in 9 days. I know many of you are praying as well and I can’t thank you enough or stress how much it is needed right now.


Anonymous said...

Sweet, sweet photos, and we can now see Gabriel's eyes!! We are looking forward to one week from tomorrow, Saturday. I'll be at the airport to meet you!!
I know these coming days will have its difficult moments of leaving Calif. and dealing with Micah and yet enjoying Gabriel. You'll enjoy Micah, too. You are being lifted up in prayer, and you, by God's grace, will prevail.

Amyrosedouglas said...

Precious! He is such a pretty baby, but who is surprised at that? You guys have beautiful kids!
We are so happy for you.
Hope to talk soon (when your life slows down a bit maybe.)

Kecia said...

He is so adorable and tiny! I'm glad you're getting to enjoy him. Those first 3 months were always the hardest for me. Besides potty training...and we haven't hit the teenage years yet...

Michelle said...

What a cutie! we are lifting you all up in prayer for a smooth transition. I am only an hour and a half from Fort Smith and would love to help if you need anything
Love ya
Michelle and Todd