Monday, June 25, 2007

Recent photos of Micah

I just wanted to show off his curly hair

Father's Day with Daddy...Micah picked out a book Daddy has been wanting


Anonymous said...

that is one beautiful boy! what an angel....these pictures are great. what a glorious family you are!

love you all,

Linda K said...

GREAT photos of Micah...and Wayne, you look cute as well! I love seeing Micah's curls...I think my mom cut my brother's or my curls when we were small and saved them! I enjoy reading your e-mails and blog, Kelly! thank you...and yes, you are in my prayers with your trip to Juarez/El Paso tomorrow! God bless all of you who will be traveling. Look forward to hearing all about it!
Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

Love those curls, but are they in danger when you get to your mom and dad's house? She's handy with those scissors!! We can hardly wait to see Micah walk, and to see you all as well. Wonderful photos!
We'll be praying for you this week. Grandma Karen

Anonymous said...

That is a great photo of you, Wayne, my son. You're even smiling!!! Great. Now we have to get Kelly's photo in there sometime soon, so Wayne, why don't you take a photo of her and put it on! Mom W.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wommacks!
I am excited to hear about the trip to Mexico. Those trips to Mexico with the SFA BSU were fun whether near the border or deep into the interior. Thanks for the updates on Micah. He is a cutie for sure!

becky nelson said...

Oh my gosh! He is HUGE! I miss you guys so much I know I suck. I havent seen you or spoken to you in FOREVER! Well I am glad you seem to be doing well. Glad you had fun in Mexico. Come down for a visit we will do the aquarium and stuff it would be awesome! Love ya B.

Pete and Kimberly said...

Hi guys! What a precious little boy. We love the hair. Micah looks so much like Wayne. Maybe your next trip can be to see all your friends in the Big Country! We miss you all.
--Kimberly, Pete, and Apollonia