Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Lookout world, Micah's walking!

Yes, Micah is taking steps these days! He is getting bolder and taking more steps all the time. As recent as two weeks ago, he would only lunge toward the recliner from the couch (which was about 3 steps). Now, he’s taking as many as 10 to 12 before he collapses on the floor. He can’t yet stand up from the floor, he still has to pull up to something, but once he’s up he is eager to try and walk. He is still quite unstable and without a lot of balance, but we are so thrilled to see him walking!! I see a day coming in which I will not be carrying around a 33 pound child and this makes me glad! He has had NO seizures in about 7 weeks! Can somebody say Hallelujah?

We took Micah to have an EEG today; you may remember that the last one was in April and was completely normal. The goal was to have another one to see if his brain waves are still normal and he isn’t having any seizure activity. Although we aren’t seeing any seizures, it’s possible that he could still be having mild ones that we don’t see. Unfortunately, this EEG wasn’t successful because Micah was screaming and crying and eventually pulled off two of the electrodes and then the test had to be over. Even the EEG tech’s singing couldn’t calm Micah. He sings and hums from start to finish, usually unintelligible words like “Didle dee diddle dum, di-dee dee do diddle dum scee,” over and over he sings this. Wayne thinks he is a little too quirky to make a person comfortable. I actually think he’s quite entertaining, but then if you know me, you know that I am easily amused! And then he tells Micah “Oh, you’re beeeeuuutifull!”

We happened to run into Dr. Raja after it was over, told him it wasn’t successful, etc. We were glad to see him because we showed him how Micah could walk and he was so thrilled! He commented on how big he is getting as well. At a Dr. appointment a few days ago, the nurse tried to measure him using a 40 inch chart that he could lie flat on and he was off the chart! So, we know he’s over 40 inches tall. What a surprise, right?

Micah will be having an eye test a week from tomorrow. Please pray that we actually get to keep the appointment; we’ve had to cancel the appt. twice in the last two months because Micah was sick. They will be giving him general anesthesia, so he has to be well. Dr. Raja said he is going to try and coordinate an EEG at that time as well. The purpose of the eye test is to see if he has lost any vision. You may or may not remember that one of the potential side effects of his medication is loss of peripheral vision. He has been on this since February ‘06 and we haven’t been too concerned. Recently, he has been digging in his eyes a lot. We’ve already been to an ophthalmologist last week (yes, we visit doctors frequently) who said that his eyes and nerves look great. That was a relief, but I’ll be glad for him to have this eye test which should be a little more revealing.

Well, for you Texas folks, or even if you aren’t, you should know Wayne has applied for a job at UT Tyler for the registrar position! He sent in his application two weeks ago, so now we are hoping they will call him for an interview. It would be a great location, as it’s only 40 miles from my sister and her family!
I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much, since we had a similar situation last year really close to Kim and Thomas and it didn’t work out. God knows though, and we are just praying for his direction and will.


Anonymous said...

What a disappointment the EEG couldn't go off. I thought they were to put him to sleep for that today.
but---hallelujah!!!several times. We are so anxious to see him walking. You've got a long one there!!. So glad to read your blog. We are praying for God's will about the job. We would be so pleased to have you as close as Texas. Let's pray that Satan keeps his hands off that application, and that God's will be done. God loves families, and he brought Jacob to be with Joseph, so why not brig the Womacks out of California and closer to their families. gramma karen

Anonymous said...

Glad to read that things are going well. Whoo Hoo! Yea, Tyler. I'll pray for y'all right now. David Willis

Anonymous said...

Hallelujah!!!!!Hallelujah!!!!!Thank You LORD! Now, prayers are in order for Wayne to get the position in Tyler and the Womacks move close to family. Love you all bunches, Nanna and Papaw

Charley Pitchford said...

OOHHH, we vote for Tyler too!! We are praying! So cool that he is walking. Okay, he is like 5" taller than our little China boy!! Too funny! love you guys, M

Marianne said...

okay, i just realized that i used charley's account! so here is a loving comment from me! are you still coming to tx/ar? let me know!

Mrs. Donut said...

Are you going to be in Texas anytime soon???? I miss you little pig. I love you all and pray for you. Can't wait to hear about how the eye test goes. Praise God on all the wonderful things that have been happening with Micah!

Anonymous said...

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
That is such wonderful news. I am so glad for you girl, because I'm not sure I could have still be carrying him around. I guess you get bulked up doing it on a gradual basis.
Please let us know about Wayne's job app. at UT Tyler. That is so exciting. I will be praying with you! Love Pam

WendyDarling said...

Hi, Kelly :-)

I found you at Chili's carnival. What a small world! I live 25 miles south of Tyler, TX. :-)

I will place Micah (and ya'll) on my prayer list. I will be praying for the job at UT for Wayne as well. God bless you all.