Thursday, November 18, 2010


Micah's teacher told me yesterday that he "tattled" on a little girl in his class. Of course, since he can't talk I said, "He what?!" She said that one of the girls in his class was playing with two toys, one of which he wanted and she wouldn't share. Instead of taking the toy away from her, he went to the teacher, grabbed her by the hand and took her to the little girl. So the teacher made the little girl give him one of the toys. Ms. C thought that was great. I did too. It's neat to hear little stories like this every now and then that show his awareness. Gabriel is bad about taking a toy away from him and he just lets it happen. We usually try to teach Gabriel not to do that and then give the toy back to him. Micah will (on occasion) give us a look like that says "Can you believe what he just did?!", but he has never taken our hand and led us like he did with that girl in his class.


on the eastern journey said...

Yeah Micah! Awesome that he got his teacher involved instead of trying to steal the toy himself.

Rachel Freeman said...

Yeah MIcah! That's great Kelly. :)

Anonymous said...

I can just picture it...sweet Micah. Glad he knows he can trust adults to help him.n auntie paula