Thursday, June 19, 2008

Waiting for Gabriel

One of Micah's favorite things: playing in the water accumulated in dishes in the sink. Yes, he can reach into the sink!
One of his other favorites: opening the microwave. At least now it's only when we are using it and not over and over for 8 or 10 minutes at a time.
One of the photos at "Breathe." I talk about that event toward the end of the post.
He's sitting in a pool of plastic balls. He had a great time at this event!

A couple of weeks ago I had asked you to pray that I would make it at least to week 37 and that’s right where I am now! My doctor said he could come anytime and it would be fine. So, we are anxiously awaiting Gabriel’s arrival. I even have my hospital bag packed, and if you know me and my habits of procrastination, you have to be proud of that. Wayne’s sister Janel is coming on Sunday, and so it would be perfect if the baby decided to make his appearance then.

I do want to put out an appeal and ask for you to please pray for Micah to adjust well to his new baby brother. I can’t describe to you how anxious/nervous I am about this. I am trying not to be (Philippians 4:6-8); trying to pray about it and remind myself that God’s mercies are new every day and will continue to be once the baby is here. It’s just that Micah is SUPER SENSITIVE to crying babies, crying children, even laughing adults. Yesterday was a strong reminder of that. One of my dearest friends from college and seminary was going through town on her way up to the northwest. Micah cried almost the whole hour and a half that she and her brother were here. The scene involved him crying hysterically, so loud that I couldn‘t hear Rebecca or myself talking, and crawling up and down out of my lap (which at 37 weeks pregnant is not so comfortable). He had moments in which he would settle down, but would always start up again at the slightest laughter.

It has been a really hard week for me in terms of dealing with Micah. He has been out of school for a week and a half and I think he had gotten so used to going that he’s been bored at home. And, of course, I’m limited as to how much I can do with him right now. I have gotten frustrated with him more than a few times as he has gotten handy at throwing little temper tantrums and has been into just about anything he can get into. He will start his summer school session next week and will be going from 8-11:30, M-F until we move.

Our church hosted a respite event last Saturday called “Breathe” for families of kids with special needs. It was free event for the kids and their siblings so that parents could go away alone for 4 hours. It was hosted by an organization called Green Pastures out here in CA. This was the first time of hopefully many for our church to host this and I’m so glad. It was and will be a great ministry in San Francisco.

A lady from our church took lots of photos and sent the ones of Micah to me. As I watched the slideshow of photos of him, I could only cry. I don’t know if I can even describe why. I think part of it was once again being reminded that our son is a child with a disability. He is developmentally delayed and some of his physicians/therapists have even used the term “mentally retarded,” which in this day and age is hard to hear even if it’s true. Part of the tears though were tears of compassion, realizing he can’t help that he is so sensitive to noise, and he can’t help his lack of understanding of so many things or that he can’t communicate with words just yet. And lastly, part of those tears were just realizing what a beautiful little boy he is, how we and many people love him so much, and how he brings so much joy to others and to Wayne and myself. We covet your prayers as we continue to be loving parents to him as we wait for and then welcome our new little one.


Amyrosedouglas said...

My friend, I love you and am praying for you and your precious family. We will pray that the new little brother will end up being a good thing for Micah and his development.
I can't wait for Gabriel to come. He is going to be such blessing to you and Wayne and Micah.
Keep us posted on how you are doing.

Camp Quartet said...

The pics are so wonderful - Micah is such a handsome young man! We are praying for the transition your family is going through with Gabriel's arrival - especially Micah's adjustment to his new little brother. Looking forward to hearing what God is doing. Love you guys!
Lydia, Caleb and boys

Kecia said...

Kelly, he is beautiful, and is blessed to have you for a mother. And if you get frustrated with're just like moms of kids who don't have special needs, only more patient. :) Praying for all of you--

Lisa M. said...

Micah is so beautiful in these pictures, as always. He looks really happy too, as he does in most all his photos. Please don't be hard on yourself - all kids can take your patience and shred it to bits, even when no disability is involved. And it's worse when we are tired and/or not feeling well. Micah is very fortunate to have you as his mother. Thank you for your blog and sharing your experience with us.