Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Funny story

Last night Wayne had gone into the bathroom and turned on the water for Micah's bath. Anytime Micah hears the water come on and start filling the tub, he runs for the bathroom. Usually, Wayne quickly follows behind and redirects Micah's attention to his bedroom to take his clothes off first.

I was in the bedroom doing something and Wayne says "Where's Micah?" "I don't know" I reply. He says, "Oh, I thought he was in his bedroom but NOW I know where he is." Micah had gotten into the tub, shirt, sweatpants, socks, diaper, everything! He was happily playing in the bath as usual, just fully clothed this time. We both could only laugh for quite a few minutes and then began taking his drenched clothing off. I should have gotten a picture, but we were too involved in the funny moment.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the funny story. We would liked to have been there. Can't wait to see you all--and Gabriel--sometime soon-- especially in Ark. We'll be in touch. C & K

Sandra said...

What a fun story! Bath time is the best!