Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Laughing with Grandpa


Anonymous said...

Oh,that was so much fun to watch and listen to!!!I know that y'all loved it too..Betty

Anonymous said...

We just can't get enough of watching that video!! It was so much fun then, and so fun to watch. So grateful Micah is coming alive in so many ways. What is he doing these days that you can tell us about?
Gramma and grampa

Anonymous said...

Saw your comment on BooMama's blog about being from Arkansas. Where in Arkansas did you live? I live in Texarkana.

Anonymous said...

I just love listening to Michah laugh. Such music to the ears!
Loved all the pictures too. He seems to have taken kindly to the grampa!
How is Heather? Any word about her surgery and prognosis?
Love you and thanks for sharing!
Pam Sparks

OneoftheWomacks said...

Hey Teresa,
I just saw your comment. I went to high school in Searcy, which is about an hour north of Little Rock. We also lived in Paragould when I was growing up and my parents now live in Rector (NE Arkansas) which is close to the Missouri boothill.

AnitaMarita said...

great video!

Mrs. Donut said...

Oh my gosh I could watch that over and over and over. I just laugh and laugh! That is GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Kelly and Wayne, we watched that video at least 4 times in a row!! It was precious...the boys were watching with me and just giggling as Micah would giggle. Benjamin said "Aw, that's baby Micah- my cousin!"
Love, Aunt Kim