Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Birthday Boy!

I’ve had some problems posting pictures lately, but I finally figured out the problem! The first picture was taken on Micah’s birthday, St. Patrick’s Day. The photo of Paula, Micah, and Janel was taken in Sausalito. The other photos were taken some days before Micah’s birthday. It wasn’t as exciting as we had hoped to be for his 2nd birthday. We were all sick, and it started with Micah on Thursday! I guess it was a 24 hour stomach flu or something. Needless to say, we didn’t do much except lay around like ol’ gas station dogs. Even Paula and Janel came for their nephew’s big day and the both got sick as well. By Sunday we were all on the mend, except for Paula who was sick even as she left on Monday. Though it was a bit disappointing, we were glad we all got to see each other.

In a few days, I’ll post some specific ways you can be praying for us concerning next week.


Charley & Marianne said...

YAHOO!! You got it to work! So glad. Micah is just growing and so adorable. Love the Irish outfit. Glad you had a good weekend. We will be praying as this next week approaches. Love the Pitchfords

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photos! They are all wonderful. I especially like the first one of Micah. So sweet and precious. Cecil and Karen

Aunt Wilma said...

Wow, what beautiful Aunts Micah has :)!!! Micah and his parents aren't so bad either...

It was wonderful sharing Micah's birthday with everyone in Northern Cal. There's nothing like family bonding in the midst of all having the flu in its various forms and sharing one bathroom :).

Kelly, Wayne, and Micah...i will be praying for you all as you go to the hospital this week for Micah's fast. Peace be with you all through the beginning of this new journey.

Love you all!!! Auntie Wilma

Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures! Micah is adorable, and you two tall Womacks haven't changed a bit! I'm so glad you had a getaway weekend, Kelly. Wayne, you are a super Dad for making it possible. We'll have you all especially in our prayers next week as you tackle the new diet--with the help of doctors, dieticians, and God!! I admire you so much for giving it a try--with God all things are possible! Love and prayers from Texas! Donna and Tom Willis

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family! It is hard to believe he is two. Todd and I will be praying for you guys this week and especially for Micah.
Love ya'll
Michelle and Todd