Friday, February 09, 2007

He's getting to be a big boy!

The newest thing with Micah is that he has “graduated” to both the toddler room at church and the toddler group for his class in the city (for developmentally delayed kids). He has transitioned well to both groups. We were a little apprehensive about moving him to the toddler class at church, just knowing he isn’t walking yet and wondering how the other kids would respond to him/play with him. He seems to enjoy being around the other kids and is busy exploring a new environment.

There isn’t much new in terms of seizure activity. He is still having them daily, usually at least twice a day and the level of intensity is about the same. He still isn’t sleeping well at night, though he has been on a med to help with that. We have a couple of nights here and there in which he will sleep through the night. So, we are back to pursuing the Ketogenic diet. We don’t have an appointment set up just yet, but it’s in the works. We will have a lot to do to prepare for it. We are hoping to get started with it in late March/early April.

Micah is constantly pulling up to anything that he can and walking along the couch while holding on to it. We are praying that he will be able to walk within this year...the kiddo is getting heavy!

I think some people have thought that Micah is only delayed in his physical development, just by comments or questions we have gotten. It’s hard to say, but he seems to be at the level of a one year old. He has started reaching out for us at times, he seems to understand when I say “Want to sing ‘Row, Row Your Boat’?” because he will start rocking ( we do a rocking motion while sitting on the floor). Also, recently when I put him on a plastic rocking horse at his class, he immediately grabbed on and started rocking back and forth. It’s exciting to see little improvements!

Pray for Wayne and me to have patience with and compassion for Micah. He is a sweet boy who laughs and smiles a lot and those times are easy. At times he is hard to handle physically and when I don’t know why he is having a tantrum. I’ve also been told this is a good sign of development as most kids his age learn to assert their will.

One of my closest friends told me recently that she is praying that I enter into greater amounts of the grace of the Lord. I think I need that, don’t we all? I’m not sure what it will look like; I know that grace in it’s simplest definition is unmerited favor. I pray that in receiving that grace, that I can know how to extend it to others.


Anonymous said...

Kelly, Wayne, and Micah,
What precious people you are. We are so glad to hear Micah is holding onto furniture and walking along it. Just as that is good news, so will you be able to see more and more good things happening.
Indeed we pray for sleep for all, for compassion and to walk in the Lord's patience. We pray your preparation for the diet will be with anticipation and expectation of good results. Every little progress is a praise to God. His invisible hand is at work, even if it's hard to see. We'll love Micah no matter what. If you need us to come out and help in any way, we will.
Karen and Cecil

Charley & Marianne said...

Aahhhh, tantrums, they are a true gift that comes with a two year old! I am sure he gets frustrated not being able to communicate what he is feeling or needing. We have that too, with Joshua. Your desire for patience and compassion prompted me to realize, I need it too! We love you guys and continue to pray with thanksgiving for Micah's progress and for his needs. The Pitchfords

Tarimisu said...

Hi Womacks tall and small!!!! Any more updates? Do you have an appointment set about the diet? Write more! Write more!