Friday, March 09, 2012

Did it snow in your kitchen last week?

...because it did in mine!  Yes, it was one of those moments when I caught sight of what had happened as I strolled down the hall from the bedroom and just gasped.  I had been back in my room just for a few minutes hanging up some clothes and putting away laundry that I had folded.  Micah found the corn starch in the pantry and had a blast with it.  My mom had a good suggestion:put things like this in a ziploc bag! 

What can you do?  I can't discipline him or scold him.  He was just having fun.
I couldn't do anything but just stare for a few minutes until I was snapped back into the reality that I needed to start cleaning it up.  It was EVERYWHERE!  On the countertops, on the refrigerator, under the dishwasher, and in various crevices and cracks. First, I got the broom and then realized I really needed to get Micah cleaned up before he scattered it further all over the house.  So, I took him to get a bath, meanwhile not even thinking about leaving the broom out.  When I came out I found Gabriel wearing my mary jane shoes and pushing the cornstarch with broom. 


Anonymous said...

Well, I wasn't expecting this when today I plugged into Wednesday's blog to read any comments! I had read on facebook today about Micah's giggling in the car. That was a sweet exchange. What a picture of your kitchen. I guess you just have to laugh. No one was in danger and it can all be cleaned up. Bless you, my children! GM Karen

Marianne said...

Well my sweet friend, you can never EVER say that your life is dull! I LOVE that you took pictures. I also love the fact that G was wearing your shoes while sweeping! Too, too funny! I have no doubt that somewhere down the road you will find corn starch in some crevice and chuckle again!! Hang in there, I love you friend!

sandra said...

I know it was a hard moment, but I'm so glad you were able to take pictures. hugs!