Wednesday, June 08, 2011

An attitude of gratitude

From "Plan B"

"What if we viewed our hardships and challenges as opportunities to be the men or women God has created us to be? What would happen if we stopped grabbing for what we're owed and tried to receive each moment with gratitude?"

"What are the triggers that remind you of God's faithfulness throughout your life? Without these reminders, you will always be tempted to doubt, push back, or even walk away when you find yourself at the wall."

When I played basketball in high school and we were traveling back from an away game, someone would usually start the chant "Attitude check" and everyone would respond "One, two, three, Praise the Lord!" I guess it was a way of keeping perspective whether we won or lost.

Someone else wrote that staying in an attitude of despair or discontentment keeps you from seeing God's blessings in your life.
It's easy to get prideful and focus on something not going the way I want. All it takes is a reminder of God's faithfulness and who He is to give me an attitude check.

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