Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Pure delight

Last week Gabriel had Marshmallows for the first time, I think. We had a MOPS Christmas shopping/baby sitting exchange in which half the moms stayed behind and kept the kids while the other half went shopping and the next day we switched. It was all in an effort to get some Christmas shopping done or use your 2 and a half hours however you chose. My friend Rachel brought hot chocolate and marshmallows for the kids. So while we were waiting for the hot chocolate to cool down enough for them to drink we offered them some marshmallows. I asked Gabriel if he wanted some and he had this really perplexed look on his face like "What's that?" Then I realized he probably had never had them. Of course he loved them and ever since has been asking for "Marshmells." So, I bought some when I went grocery shopping.
Gabriel knows his name and will often speak in 3rd person (like, it's Gabriel's turn), but not always. Yesterday I was trying to determine who needed a diaper change. I said to him "Somebody stinks. Is it you?" to which he replied "No, I'm Gabriel!"


jen said...

Ha! :)

Anonymous said...

i believe grandma started his love of marshmallows at christmas...he kept asking for them during his many searches for something to eat during snack times....aunt nel