Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Kids First Graduation

Another vain attempt at a family photo!

Love the look on Micah's face

Playground at Kids First


Wayne walking Micah with Miriam behind Wayne's right shoulder

Wayne in a chair made for 4 year olds

Grandma & Grandpa and Gabriel

One of several attempts to get his cap on; never worked

Getting his "diploma" from his teacher Lisa

Micah graduated from Kids First last Saturday. It was a cute little ceremony which lasted thirty or forty minutes at the most. Micah did so well sitting; Wayne only had to make him sit down once or twice. They had asked us to decide beforehand which parent would sit with the child and we decided it would be Wayne. We were surprised when we got there and they had all little chairs for kids and adults! So it was quite comical to see Wayne sit in one of those tiny chairs. Most everyone laughed when he sat down and I felt slightly bad for him all the while laughing myself. He was a good sport about it. Gabriel did so well too and sat with Grandpa the whole time.
They played "Pomp & Circumstance" as the kids walked in. I had asked jokingly if the Fort Smith symphony would be there to perform that song; the answer was "No, but maybe we'll look into it for next year." The kids sang songs they had learned for the year and then got their diplomas. I included the picture of Emma because she was the only student in Micah's class who he would let hold his hand when they walked places and had to hold someone's hand. I guess she has been his little friend.
Even though he graduated, he will still be going for the summer until Kindergarten starts in August.


Paula said...

Ode to the first of many graduations for your boys. Love the pics and love you all! Am teary-eyed and so proud! AND, can't wait to see you all soon!!!

on the eastern journey said...

What a special memory! Good job Micah!

Kecia said...

I loved these 2 posts--so glad you had this school and the camp!
I got to meet your friend Tonya this weekend!! :)

jen said...

Congrats to your big boy! :) Both Micah and Gabriel are getting so big! Thanks for sharing!!! :)