Thursday, April 15, 2010

Coffee bean partners

Yesterday Micah managed to get the coffee bag out of the pantry without me realizing it. I was in the kitchen cleaning up after their snack and heard some rattling and then sounds of something dropping/spilling. So, I looked in the living room and I guess Gabriel had gotten the bag open and dumped at least a day or more serving of coffee beans and he and Micah were picking them up and chunking them across the room. Of course, I got the broom and starting sweeping and every time I would get a little pile (they were everywhere), Micah would follow me and try to disrupt my pile before I could get it in the dustpan. They were just giggling and having a great time. It was another small moment of them playing together that is encouraging, even if it was a mess for me.

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Kecia said...

Yay! Signs of progress. :)