Thursday, March 25, 2010

1st Haircut

Before picture: Serious bedhead going on
Side view

Enjoying a post hair-cut sucker since the one we used to distract him during the haircut fell onto the floor.

I have wanted to get Gabriel's hair cut for at least a month now. He was starting to look shaggy, or like a junior high kid who's being cool and growing out his hair. My mom gave Micah his first cut, so I wanted her to do Gabriel's first. They were here two weeks ago to visit, but after a couple of days of being here, she got sick and remained so until the day they left.
So, Wayne decided to do it with his clippers. I told him that was ok, as long as it wasn't a buzz cut. That's what we always give Micah because he despises getting his hair cut so much, that we cut it that short so we don't have to do it
for another 3 months or so. We actually tried cutting his hair over the weekend twice. It was as if we were giving the Tasmanian devil (the Bugs Bunny cartoon character) a cut. It was just not going to happen. So, we'll try again soon.
Doesn't Gabriel look so cute and little boy like?!


Anonymous said...

Good job on the haircut, Wayne! Looks really nice. He must have been fairly calm getting it cut.
Sweet, sweet little guy.
Mom Karen

Womack said...

Actually, he was not calm at all. It was quite a tramatic experience for him. He cried the whole time and was just really scared. I had to hold his hands while Wayne held his head and cut at the same time. I forgot to mention those details in the post. But, he made it and forgave Wayne about half an hour later!

Kecia said...

It grows him up so much! He's very handsome. :)